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Welcome to my Koral Martin Fine Art Nature Photography gallery and blog.  I am an avid hiker and my true passion is photography.  I love the capture the vast world of nature all around us.  Nature has always been a draw to me, it has an inherent beauty that I learned to appreciate at a very young age.  My family’s vacations were camping, hiking and fishing all around Kentucky and down into Tennessee.  My parents loved the great outdoors and passed on that love to me and through the years of my life, I have always found myself gravitating to nature at every opportunity.  

Dandy Dew Koral Martin Fine Art Photography

Dandy Dew by Koral Martin

To me, nature possesses  an unending variety of beauty and is ever changing; it offers wonderful surprises at every look, every step, along every path, and in every corner and crevice. With a camera in my hand, I see things I would possibly never see other wise.  I love to seek out those hidden beauties as I might just be walking  a short distance down a path, along a stream, or through a woods, examining at length everything from lichen and algae growing on a rotted log to pebbles lining a brook, unique reflections in the water,  or I am hiking the mountains of places like Colorado seeing the glorious vistas, thunderous waterfalls, or glacial lakes it has to offer.  I love to hike  but even more I love to capture these images and share them with all of you to bring that story,  that emotion, that sense of awe, that sense of  peace and calm, that I have gotten  to experience when I step out into the wondrous world of nature around us.  Join me as I hike across the United States and see through my eyes the beauty all around us.  More…

A passion of mine is to share my artwork with the healthcare industry to be that sense of peace and calm and even healing to the healthcare environment. Please visit my  “Healing Art” website for more of my images, artwork for the Healthcare and Hospitality Industry.”

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